Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Cast of Tom Sawyer
May 31, 2023

The NEW WVC Originators proudly present a delightful combination of theatre and music with their upcoming production of "Adventures of Tom Sawyer." Led by Play Directors Carla Cadwalader and Assistant Director Colette Grigsly, alongside Stage Manager Eric Carrol, this enchanting play promises to captivate audiences of all ages.


In a unique endeavor, the production features children actors as young as 5 years old working alongside seasoned performers, allowing them to experience the thrill of imagination and acting firsthand. "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is an exceptional opportunity for families to come together and witness the magic of live theater.


The NEW WVC Originators have carefully crafted an experience that promises enjoyment for the entire family. During intermission, refreshments will be served, ensuring a delightful break for attendees. This production of "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" offers a charming rendition of the timeless classic, portraying the essence of a quintessential small-town life. Audiences can expect to be transported to a world filled with wonder, laughter, and heartwarming moments.


Not only are the children actors showcasing their talents on stage, but they are also actively involved behind the scenes as part of the stage crew, and even serving as waitresses during the optional themed meal. It's a heartwarming display of teamwork and camaraderie, highlighting the dedication and passion of these young artists.


“Adventures of Tom Sawyer”features:

Actors, ages 5 to adults

Family fun

Live Blue Grass Band

Themed meal, for donation, on Friday and Saturday


Tickets: $10.00 / Children $5.00


Event Schedule:


June 16th & June 17th:  Meal 5:30-7:00 / Live Music 7:00-7:30 / Performance 7:30

June 18th: NO MEAL / Live Music 3:30-4:00 / Performance 4:00