2023 New Student Orientation

Aug 16, 2023

The excitement of starting college is a mix of emotions, from anticipation to anxiety. At WVC the journey begins with New Student Orientation, a crucial event that eases the transition into campus life. This year's orientation will be held on August 16th, the day before classes start, after careful consideration to strike a balance between confidence-building time and practical preparation.


Selecting the ideal day for New Student Orientation has always been challenging. On one hand, students need time to acclimate and feel confident before starting their academic journey. On the other hand, for out-of-town students, it's essential to ensure they arrive on campus in time. This year, the orientation is strategically scheduled for the day before classes, allowing students to get acquainted with the campus, set up resources, and receive valuable insights just before starting classes.


The primary goal is to set students up for both academic and social success. Collaboration among various departments is key to achieving this. Partnerships with financial aid, the athletic director, the international students' office, advisors, and retention staff ensure comprehensive coverage of topics students often find challenging throughout the semester.


The collaborative approach also encourages students to build connections early on. This support network becomes invaluable when issues arise during the academic year. Whether students need academic assistance, community connections, or information on university policies, the orientation ensures they know who to turn to for help.


Moreover, New Student Orientation embraces the diversity of our incoming students. We welcome students with various backgrounds. Some have taken classes with us before and need a refresher, while others are transfer students seeking new opportunities. We also embrace those with degrees who are returning for a transition into new fields. New Student Orientation caters to the needs of all incoming students, providing a supportive environment for everyone.


By emphasizing both academic and social aspects of campus life, New Student Orientation strives to instill confidence, foster a sense of belonging, and provide essential tools to excel in academics and beyond. With a diverse and inclusive community, students embark on their college journey ready for success and growth throughout their time at WVC.