Lincoln Trail College Fall 2022 Academic Honors

Jan 17, 2023

Lincoln Trail College has released its academic honor lists for the Fall 2022 Semester. Three lists have been established by Illinois Eastern Community Colleges to indicate students who have achieved academic excellence. They are the Chancellor’s Honors List, the President’s Academic Honors List and the Dean’s Academic Honors List.
To qualify for any of the honor lists, a student must be enrolled full-time (12 hours or more) and must be taking college-level classes.
To be named to the Chancellor’s Academic Honors List, students must achieve a grade point average of 3.90 or greater on a 4.0 scale; between 3.75 and 3.89 for the President’s Academic Honors List; and between 3.50 and 3.74 for the Dean’s Academic Honor’s List. 
The following students have earned Fall 2022 academic honors:
Guadalupe Amicone, Tomas Bascon Blacut, Caleb Black, Kaitlyn Boerngen, Jacie Bradbury, Addison Brasier, Treyton Brown, Sydney Byrley, Sandra Cooper, Lucas Davids-Badger, Thomas Ditchfield, Kyle Easton, Kendal Edmondson, Christopher Felix, Alyssa Fielder, Connor Fitts, Lilly Foster, Ana Guedes, Luke Hatfield, Isaiah Henriquez, Gary Higginbotham, Nolan Hillard, Presli Holmes, Reese Johnson, Samuel Kestranek, Brandon King, Macy Knight, Jackson Lorenz, Mackenzie Love, Brendon Luecke, Madison Martin, Madisyn McIntosh, Coleton McMichael, Brandon Miller, Curtus Moak, Colby Morse, Chance Moscardelli, Harlei Myers, William Palmer, Drake Perry, Krista Phillips, Jackson Pittman, Jonathon Popp, Curtis Richey, Hannah Saucerman, Katharine Schrader, Cliff Scott, Delainey Shorter, David Smothers, Juan Solivellas Garcia, Sean Stone, Abigail Vaughn, Chanyoung Yun, and Cathy Ziegler.
Caeden Bennett, Olivia Bright, Benjamin Brombaugh, Kaden Carter, Ditton Curl, Alexis Davis, Maycee Decker, Ethan Edwards, Carson Fancil, Evan Gower, Isabella Granja, Hannah Janes, Carter Jewell, Melodie Kershaw, Campbell McBride, Madison McKenzie, Mathew McMahan, Alexis Mendenhall, Abigail Metheny, Mateus Moura, Faith O’Handley, Tresten Radloff, Steve Reed, Faith Sanders, Victoria Schopmeyer, Dylan Shearer, Felipe Silva, Zharina Stephens, Jaceton Sweitzer, Keisha Watkins, Noah Wolf, and Spivey Word.
Katie Arkulari, Joseph Bonds, Peyton Bugle, Lauren Clark, Haleigh Clayton, Nestlee Cook, William Davis, Victoria Denison, Laura Dollahan, Grace Dudley, KaCee Fulkerson, Haley Guyer, Jocelyn Hammond, Bailey Hartrich, Alexia Heafner, Rayne Held, Tyler Larguinho, Jake Lynch, Hannah Meese, Sara Mills, Carson Musgrave, Jayden Pinkston, Graycie Poe, Liz Price, Tucker Pruitt, Dakotah Renshaw, Stephanie Rinard, Jordan Scroggins, Joshua Tyler, Clint Wickliffe, Nathan Wieber, and Ethan Zakowski.