New Student Admissions Checklist

You've filled out your application and your FAFSA, what's next? Follow this handy checklist for your next steps for enrollment.

❏ Text us or call us at 618-544-8657 and let us know you're coming.

❏ Advising appointments for summer and fall semester classes begin April 1. Call 618-544-8657 to make an appointment.

❏ Check the financial aid tab in Entrata to see your next steps for financial aid.

❏ Explore scholarship opportunities here.

❏ Send us your SAT (use code 0758) or ACT (use code 1067)  scores or schedule testing with us.

❏ We need your final high school transcript after you graduate.

❏ Watch for information about New Student Orientation.

Questions? We're happy to help! Give us a call at 618-544-8657.