Lincoln Trail College Marketing Services

Marketing Support

LTC Marketing provides strategic direction and communication in support of the mission and brand of the College. Marketing serves as the steward of the Lincoln Trail College brand identity and manages the content of the College’s official print and digital publications and flagship social media accounts. The Marketing department also supports College departments with any external marketing and communications.

Marketing Request Process

Institutional priorities based on the Marketing and Recruiting Plan and Strategic Enrollment Plan are focused on first, so all marketing requests will be addressed in appropriate priority order.

  • Secure your Direct Supervisor’s approval for:
    • Project Scope
    • Budget/Account
  • Compile and prepare the content to submit with your request
  • Complete the Marketing Request Form

Once submitted, the Marketing team will review the request within one week of submission. You will be contacted with request acceptance, estimated date of completion, confirmation of details, or to schedule a follow-up meeting as needed.

Marketing Request Turnaround Time

The key to any successful project is making sure you build in enough time for every stage of the process (i.e. discussion of the concept, creative development, review, revision, and production). For this reason, LTC Marketing has established a list of general turnaround times from initiation to delivery.
These timelines are subject to change pending current projects already in the queue. The Marketing department regularly has an extensive list of projects in development, so turnaround times can often be longer, especially at peak times of the year like the beginning and end of each semester. Please note that some projects may require outside printing, which will extend the project timeline. The more you can plan ahead and submit your request early, the better Marketing can help.

  • Media services/press releases: 4 weeks
  • Other services: timeline will be based on the scope of the project

Social Media

  • Post to LTC flagship accounts: 1 week
  • Branded page development: 4 weeks + approval

Graphic Design Projects

  • Large Project (i.e. brochure, program, multi-page document): 5-8 weeks
  • Small Project (i.e. flyer, poster, postcard): 3 weeks
  • Edit existing design: 3 weeks
  • Campus signage: 2 weeks
  • Advertisement: 2 weeks
  • Event promotion: 6+ weeks prior to the event
  • Other: timeline will be based on the scope of the project

Photography: 4 weeks prior to the date of the photoshoot
Video: timeline will be based on the scope of the project. Please allow at least 6 weeks

  • Minor edit to an existing page: 3 days
  • Full page revision: 1-2 weeks
  • Creation of new webpage: 2-3 weeks, pending approval