Lincoln Trail College Ranked Number 5 Community College in Illinois

Feb 23, 2023

College rankings agency Intelligent released its list of the best community colleges in Illinois and they rated Lincoln Trail College as number five. They also gave LTC the award of Best for Transfer Students.
“I’m proud to see this ranking and I’m not surprised,” said Illinois Eastern Community Colleges Chancellor Dr. Ryan Gower. “The faculty and staff at Lincoln Trail College are dedicated to the success of our students and it shows. Organizations like Intelligent recognize the quality of education available at LTC.”
Intelligent evaluated each school on tuition costs, admission, retention and graduation rates, faculty, and reputation as well as the student resources provided for students. Using that, they calculated an Intelligent Score on a scale of 0 to 100. LTC’s Intelligent Score is 95.87.
Intelligent praised Lincoln Trail College for its collaboration with universities in Illinois to help streamline the transfer process for students planning to springboard into a bachelor’s degree program. They lauded LTC for providing students with an intimate setting with small class sizes and one-on-one instruction.  
“This is something that we hear from students all the time,” said Gower. “That personal attention is something that’s very important to us. We always strive to put students first and we have instructors that give students lots of one-on-one attention to help them succeed. Our staff is always there to help students achieve their educational goals.” 
Overall, Intelligent says that a degree from a community college is a great way to invest in yourself. They cite the Bureau of Labor Statistics data showing that associate degree holders earn a median weekly wage of $963, while high school diploma holders earn $809.
“The high cost of a college education is a concern for many students, and many are concerned about college debt,” said Gower. “Lincoln Trail College is a financially smart decision for students, especially those planning to earn a bachelor’s degree. They can stay close to home and earn a high-quality education from instructors who are experts in their fields. Our tuition is a fraction of that of a four-year school, so you’ll be able to save money.”
The colleges on Intelligent’s Top 34 Community Colleges in Illinois are all accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an organization that examines objectives, quality, and overall effectiveness of education programs throughout the United States. Two other IECC colleges ranked in the top five on the list. Frontier Community College was number one and Olney Central College was number two.