Lincoln Trail College Offering Five Tuition-Free Classes This Summer

Mar 06, 2023

Lincoln Trail College is giving students a chance to save money while taking important college classes this summer. The College is offering five classes tuition-free in the Summer 2023 Semester. 
“Lincoln Trail College is a financially-smart choice for students,” says Illinois Eastern Community Colleges and Lincoln Trail College Director of Marketing Chris Forde. “We want to be able to give students a chance to earn valuable credits they can use towards a degree while saving money. That’s why we’ve picked five key courses that we’re going to offer tuition-free this summer.”
Elementary Spanish II (SPN 1121) will meet on Wednesdays from 9-11:50 a.m. The class can help students satisfy part of the foreign language requirement or elective. The class is also a good class for education majors to take.
Composition and Analysis (ENG 1121) meets Wednesdays from 10-11:50 a.m. The course can help students satisfy an English requirement.
Forging the American Character (HUM 2161) is an online class and will satisfy part of the humanities, fine arts, and cultural diversity requirements.
General Biology I (LSC 1101) is a science lecture and lab course and will meet part of the life science requirement. It meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:30 a.m.
General Psychology I (PSY 1101) meets Tuesdays from 9-11:50 a.m. It can satisfy part of the social science requirement and is a Nursing general education requirement.
Lincoln Trail College’s Summer Semester begins on June 5 and the final day of the semester is July 28. Final exams are scheduled for July 31 and August 1.
Students that want to register for any of the courses can schedule an appointment with an advisor by calling 618-544-8657. 
“The classes we chose are not only for students currently attending Lincoln Trail College,” said Forde. “Many colleges and universities recommend students take classes like these at a community college. The free tuition is for our current students, juniors or seniors in high school, students who are enrolled at other colleges, or anyone who has an interest in the subject or making progress towards a degree.”
The five classes are being offered tuition-free. Students enrolling in these classes are still responsible for fees, books, and materials.