41 LTC Athletes, 6 Teams Honored by NJCAA

Composite of Athletes
Jul 23, 2021

The Lincoln Trail College Athletic Department produced 41 student-athletes that earned All-Academic honors from the NJCAA. Six teams earned Academic Team of the Year honors.

“This is a great honor,” says Athletic Director Kevin Bowers. “It is a very important part of our culture that our student-athletes work hard in the classroom as well as in their sports.”

The golf team and the women’s soccer team both finished in the top ten in the nation in overall GPA. The golf team had the second-highest GPA at 3.75. The women’s soccer team was 10th with a 3.57 GPA. The baseball, softball, volleyball, and women’s basketball teams also earned the team honors. The NJCAA recognizes teams with a combined GPA of 3.0 or higher as an Academic Team of the Year.

There were 41 individual student-athletes named to NJCAA All-Academic teams. To earn first-team honors, student-athletes need a GPA of 4.0. Second-Team honors go to those with 3.8-3.99 GPA’s and those with 3.6-3.79 GPA’s earn Third-Team honors.

LTC had 13 athletes named to the NJCAA All-Academic First Team. They were Brian Adams (Baseball), Sydni Bailey (Volleyball), Kinley Block (Volleyball), Tia Floyd (Women’s Basketball), Josh Green (Golf), Paige Hensley (Women’s Soccer), Dalton Huffman (Baseball), Sebastian Kuhns (Baseball), Kelsey Mitchell (Women’s Basketball), Joey Perkins (Baseball), Jared Shaw (Golf), Andrew Washburn (Baseball), and Chanyoung Yun (Baseball).

LTC student-athletes named to the NJCAA All-Academic Second Team were: Blake Barrett (Baseball), Rebekah Burkhart (Women’s Soccer), Giovana Garcia (Women’s Soccer), Winter Harmsen (Women’s Soccer), Seth Kestranek (Golf), Trista Koertge (Volleyball), Mallory Mundy (Women’s Soccer), Cade Nelis (Baseball), Hannah Poehler (Volleyball), Jazmin Ramirez (Women’s Soccer), Carlei Sapp (Softball), Myka Snyder (Softball), Micha Troutt (Golf), Geon Yoon (Baseball).

LTC student-athletes named to the NJCAA All-Academic Third Team were: Ike Book (Baseball), Cade Carlson (Baseball), Kyle Cortner (Baseball), Madilyn Ellingsworth (Softball), Halle Ellis (Softball), Zach Frasher (Baseball), Sofia Guerra (Women’s Soccer), Max Palmieri (Baseball), Tahjanay Perry (Women’s Basketball), Will Richter (Baseball), Julia Smith (Softball), Alex Wilzbach (Baseball).