Electrical Distribution Systems

Do you like to work outdoors, or do you want to serve others through your future career?  Are you interested in becoming an electrical lineman?  You may be the perfect fit for our Electrical Distribution Systems program.

The Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS) program prepares individuals to build, repair, and maintain electrical distribution systems.  Students in this program also develop essential skills of pole climbing, hurt man rescue, electric theory, and more.


Students receive a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on training in an outdoor lab, located directly behind our Workforce Development Center (WDC). During inclement weather, students will receive training at the indoor lab, located inside WDC. This lab also incorporates extensive transformer theory into the program.  EDS classes are held Tuesday through Thursday of each week, allowing students to maintain a part-time job and/or other responsibilities.

In order to give students a competitive edge upon entering the workforce, three additional certifications and licensures are part of the program curriculum.  Flagger certification, which allows individuals to control the flow of traffic on work sites, opens up job opportunities in the construction field.  Students will also earn a statewide spray applicator licensure, which is required when using restricted use pesticides (RUPs) on the job.  Lastly, EDS students will be required to earn a Class-A commercial driver’s license (CDL) after completing the fall and spring semester, which is necessary to operate a bucket truck.

Unique to the Southern Illinois area, our program allows students to receive in-depth knowledge and training in a team setting, allowing them to develop strong teamwork skills that are essential to a lineman career.


Many individuals who graduate the FCC EDS program move on to pursue a lineman career.  Most graduates begin as a lineman apprentice and work towards becoming a journeyman lineman.  These jobs are available with electric cooperatives, large electric companies, municipalities, contractors, and more.   Students who are willing to travel or relocate will find a wider variety of job opportunities.

The electrical field has a high demand for experienced individuals, resulting in high pay and excellent benefit packages.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for electrical power-line installers was $71,000 in 2019. 

There is room for growth and promotion in the field as well.  Organizations that hire linemen typically hire a foreman or lead lineman who will supervise a crew of linemen.  Graduates can also pursue management positions in operations.


To join the Electrical Distribution Systems program, or for more information, please call Frontier Community College at 618-842-3711 or email