Upcoming May 15th Total Lunar Eclipse Dubbed "Prime-time Totality"

May 12, 2022

During the night of May 15-16, Mount Carmel and the surrounding region will experience a total lunar eclipse. The event is described as a “prime-time totality” by timeanddate [sic]. A totality is a “period where the Full Moon is completely covered by the dark part of Earth’s shadow [(umbra)], and turns a reddish color." This is to be the first of two total lunar eclipses in 2022. The second will occur November 7-8. These eclipses will be unique in that they are both 1 hour & 24 minutes. In fact, they are 4 seconds from being the exact same length of time. No set of calendar eclipses has been so close to isochronal in over 4 centuries!

Should you want to observe the eclipse, the best viewing time in our time zone (Central) will be at approximately 11:10 pm. The partial eclipse will begin around 9:30 pm and will finish at around 1 am the next morning (May 16th). If you only have a short time to view the eclipse, you’ll want to be watching between 10:50-11:30 – though the totality does last from 10:29pm through 11:53pm. The two eclipses set to occur this year will be among the longest of the century. Don’t miss out on a chance to view one of the “prime-time” eclipses set to take place in 2022!