Fire Science


The Fire Science program is designed to serve the needs of students in the fire service and to prepare others to enter the service. There are three certificate options: Basic Fire Suppression Tech, Advanced Suppression Specialist and Fire Service Administrator. There is also an option to complete the associate in applied science degree. Courses are recognized for certification by the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal for those eligible.

Basic Fire Suppression Tech Certificate (20.5 hours)

Advanced Suppression Specialist Certificate (28.5 hours)

Fire Service Administrator Certificate 53.5 hours)

Fire Science Degree (68.5 hours)

Graduates of the fire degree and certificate programs will have the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to perform a variety of firefighting functions, including fire scene operations, fire prevention, fire instruction, and hazardous materials operations. Graduates can apply their skills fighting fire, performing fire prevention inspections, and operating fire equipment. Graduates will be able to evaluate a fire scene, develop strategies for handling different types of fire incidents, develop pre-fire plans, evaluate a business/industry for fire hazards, and evaluate/manage a hazardous materials incident. Topics of study include: techniques of firefighting, hazardous materials, fire apparatus, fire service instruction, fire prevention, and first responder.

Graduates will have the potential for employment as a firefighter, fire investigator, arson investigator, fire prevention officer, fire service executive support specialist, fire service vehicle operator, fire apparatus engineer, fire instructor, training program manager, fire officer, safety educator, or fire prevention inspector.