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What is RIS?

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Radio Information Service is a non-profit organization sponsored by Wabash Valley College in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. The service provides information to the blind and print handicapped living in Mt. Carmel and the surrounding area. The purpose of the reading service is to help visually impaired, physically handicapped, and the elderly to participate more fully in our society. Radio Information Service gives them access to the printed page: local daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and different types of books.

It also offers entertainment programs for their enjoyment and enrichment. The service provides depth and detail of reporting, previously found only in the printed medium, via the air waves. The combination makes it possible for print-handicapped listeners to be current and knowledgeable about the world around them. One of eight reading services in Illinois, Radio Information Service is a member of the Association of Radio Reading Services, an association of 96 operating programs of this kind throughout the United States, and the Illinois Radio Information Service (IRIS).

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