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Pottery by Artist Tony Treadway Now on Exhibit in Brubeck Arts Center Gallery 

Wabash Valley College is pleased to announce a lovely exhibit, “Pottery by Tony Treadway,” now on display in the Brubeck Arts Center Gallery.  A “Meet the Artist Reception” will be held on Sunday, December 16, from 12: 45-1:30 p.m. (Central Time), and the public is invited to attend.

Anthony “Tony” Treadway is a Ceramic Artist/Potter, creating decorative and functional ceramic vessels in his New Harmony, Indiana studio; Treadway Clay.  Tony is originally from Robinson, Illinois and was an art instructor at Lincoln Trail College.  He earned his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Ceramics from University of Evansville (1986), served as a studio apprentice at New Harmony’s Sarah Campbell Blaffer Studio, and earned his Master of Arts in Ceramics and Sculpture from Eastern Illinois University (1989).  Tony began working in clay in 1979 as a freshman at Robinson High School and has never stopped.  He and his wife, Christy (his business manager, inspiration, and best friend), moved to New Harmony in 2015 to pursue his artistic career and become a part of the historic Utopian community.

“Inspiration for my work comes from my love of history, clay, archeology, and the Wabash River Region.  I am proud fifth generation “River Rat” and have spent much of my life exploring the environment and history of the area, especially the archeological remains of the Native American sites throughout the region.  The shards and vessel forms of the Middle Woodland period (circa 200 AD to 600 AD), the Hopewell Culture (circa 200 AD to 500 AD), the Mississippian Culture (Cahokian people, 850 AD to 1150 AD), and the Angel Mounds Culture (late Mississippian to European contact) have constantly inspired my work.  It is the impressed textures and carved designs, nature-based forms, and traditions that are unique to these cultures and our region that I have infused into my work. It, at least to me, is continuing the traditions and paying homage to 2,000 years of pottery in our region.  Saying that, I also have to pay the bills and have a creative line of “production ware” that still holds true to our region.  The Tree Ware, Wabash River Life Ware, and our Turquoise series follow very traditional formats, but still fill my need to be creative.”

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