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WVC Announces Instructors of the Year

Congratulations to our instructors!!!  The Student Senate has selected Jill Winter the Outstanding Transfer Faculty Member and Dr. John Day the Outstanding Career and Technical Education Faculty Member for 2018.  It is the goal of the Wabash Valley College Student Senate to recognize two outstanding faculty members annually (one transfer, one career and technical) who embody the College’s standards for excellence.

The instructor receiving the award must be a full-time faculty member at Wabash Valley College. Award recipients excel in their profession. Winners of this award teach effectively, inspire enthusiasm for learning, stimulate independent and critical thinking, set high expectations while helping students to meet them, show respect and concern for students, demonstrate a thorough knowledge of their subject area, innovate in design and delivery of course content, and/or provide learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.

The winners of these awards are recognized at graduation and work with fellow faculty to select two WVC freshmen students (one transfer, one career and technical) to honor with scholarships provided by Student Senate. Those scholarships, named in honor of the Outstanding Instructor of the Year winners, will be presented at graduation.

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