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Transition Center

The Transition Center, funded by a Federal Perkins grant, provides support services that assist single parents and displaced homemakers in gaining marketable skills. A participant in the program must:

  • be single, divorced, widowed, or legally separated;
  • have custody or joint custody of his/her minor child/children; and
  • be enrolled in a career and technical education certificate or degree program; or
  • be a displaced homemaker.

Services provided include education and career exploration, workshops, financial assistance to cover tuition, fees, transportation, books, and other support services.

To learn more, contact the IECC Transition Center at 618/395-7777, ext. 2238. The Transition Center Office is located at Olney Central College on the second floor of Wattleworth Hall in room 217A.

Amy Dulaney, Director of Transition Center & Perkins

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