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Safety at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges

(Consumer Information Disclosure)

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges and the Board of Trustees are committed to ensuring a safe learning and workplace environment is present at all times. IECC monitors and evaluates campus safety on a regular basis and ensures policies and procedures are always up-to-date. Use the navigation menu on the left to learn more about Campus Safety at IECC.


Reporting Crimes and Emergencies at IECC
Please report all on-campus emergencies and/or criminal activity to college administration at the following locations:

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges
Administrative Office
Mrs. Marilyn Holt, Interim CEO
233 East Chestnut Street
Olney, IL 62450
(618) 393-2982

Frontier Community College
Dr. Jay Edgren, President
Richard L. Mason Bldg.
(618) 842-3711

Lincoln Trail College
Dr. Ryan Gower, President
Williams Hall
(618) 544-8657

Olney Central College
Mr. Rodney Ranes, President
Wattleworth Hall
(618) 395-7777

Wabash Valley College
Dr. Matt Fowler, President
Foundation Building
(618) 262-8641


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