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Application Requirements Checklist

_______     Complete an application to Olney Central College by February 15 for admission in fall semester.

 _______      Submit official copies of transcripts by February 15 to the Radiography Program Advisor.   (Official High School or GED equivalent; Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions).

 _______      Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

 _______      College approved placement test scores per program requirements.

 _______      LSC 1101 (General Biology I) or equivalent (as determined by the college) with a grade of C or better. Candidates not     meeting this requirement may qualify for admission, contingent upon successful completion of this program requirement prior to beginning Radiography course work.

 _______     Successfully complete HEA 2299 by March 1. (HEA 2299 includes a radiography orientation and 15 hours of agency observation.)

 _______      Review the Program Handbook at


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