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Do I have to take an entrance exam?

Entrance exams assist in appropriate course placement . If you took an ACT or SAT in high school and you are a recent graduate, the college may use those scores. If it has been some time since you attended high school, you should probably retest. IECC offers a computerized entrance exam called ACCUPLACER. It tests over basic math, reading, and English comprehension. Recent high school graduates who did not take the ACT or who would like to retest to improve their scores are welcome to take the ACCUPLACER test.  

COMPASS testing

Testing will provide you with the knowledge of your basic skill level and allow IECC to assist you in a subject area, if warranted.  Once you have taken the ACCUPLACER test, the scores will be used by your advisor during registration to place you in the proper courses.  We want to prepare you for success and avoid placing you in a class without the proper skills to complete it.

For more information on course placement and the ACCUPLACER, click here


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