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What certificates and degrees are available?

IECC offers a broad range of degree and certificate programs that can help you achieve your career goals.  As one option, you can begin preparing for a career by completing an associate degree in a transfer program and then continue your education at a senior institution.  General education courses are required and, depending on the student's major, additional coursework will be required in the major field.  Another option is enrolling in one of our many career and technical (CTE) programs which are occupational in nature and can be completed in two years or less. 

Whether you're considering a CTE program or a transfer degree, students should work closely with their advisor and/or faculty to ensure the correct courses are being selected for the requirements and to ensure a smooth transition to a 4-year university if continuing on.

To learn more about our degree and certificate programs or courses offered, click on the links below or refer to the catalog which is available in hard-copy at each college or online at the link in the gray banner at the bottom of this webpage:

Program Listings                                                                      
Course Schedules 

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