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GED Enables Sophie Carter to Begin College Classes

Sophie Carter is looking forward to a bright future for both herself and her young son after earning her GED. Sophie Carter Photo

“I wanted to go to college to be able to support him, but I knew I needed my GED first,” said Carter, who left high school in November 2013.

Determined to earn her GED, Carter enrolled in classes at Olney Central College in March 2014 and quickly passed all of her required tests. The Olney resident is now taking college courses and is employed in OCC’s Learning Skills Center through the college’s work study program.

 “I really enjoy my college classes,” Carter said. “It’s very different from high school.”

Carter remains undecided on a major, but is leaning toward a career in the medical field.

Carter said her experience with the GED program was very positive. She praises both the instructors and staff, who assisted her in attaining her goal and helping her transition to college.

“I loved Lynn Gray. She is an awesome teacher,” Carter said. “Developmental Support Specialist Lindsey Buck and Resource Specialist Brenna Heidinger want to help everybody. They are always there when you have questions and need to talk.”

Carter points out both the GED classes and textbooks are free, easing the financial burden for students.

“It’s a big help for a lot of people,” she added.

Carter encourages others without a high school diploma to enroll in GED classes at OCC.

“I can’t see how people can go without an education,” she said. “It made me feel terrible about myself. But, now I have my GED. I feel I’ve achieved a lot. If I hadn’t gotten my GED, I would still be jobless with no education.”

For more information about GED classes at OCC, call 618-395-7777, ext. 2267, or toll-free 1-866-622-4322.

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