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Workshop Gives Nursing/Radiography Faculty Ideas for using iPads in Class

Nursing PhotoFaculty from the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges/Olney Central College Nursing and Radiography programs participated in the University of Cincinnati’s iCoN Summer Institute: Leveraging iPads to Innovate Education.

Faculty attended the July 17-19 workshop as part of the Nursing and Allied Health Technology Initiative, which is being implemented for all nursing and radiography students. Beginning this fall, students will be required to use an iPad in class for exams, content application, and simulation to improve student outcomes. Participating in the workshop enabled faculty to improve current skills and learn new ways of teaching, learning, simulation and evaluation utilizing technology in the classroom.

“The faculty and staff at University of Cincinnati did a great job presenting information,” said Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Theresa Marcotte. “They are in their sixth year of this process and had valuable information to share. The faculty and IT staff prepared a variety of workshops to stimulate ideas on how best to utilize technology in the classroom. They also provided a network of faculty and IT experts to help us along the journey. That was a great part of this process, the networking piece and working with such a classy group willing to help us in any way they can.”

Director of Radiography Carol Kocher said the conference provided valuable information and ideas for the classroom.

“It is good to be around instructors who have been using this type of technology in the classroom for a long time,” she said. “They gave us so much good information. This is going to be really useful to the students. We want students to learn and be engaged. It’s all about the students. I’m grateful to Theresa for learning about the conference and arranging for us to go. It was a great time to spend with colleagues. We built a lot of camaraderie.”

One idea Kocher hopes to incorporate is having students create videos demonstrating particular concepts they are studying.

“Students in our field learn a lot by doing,” she said. “This will help to solidify the information in their minds.”

OCC Nursing Instructor Anne Hustad added, “The iCoN Institute was a great learning experience. We were exposed to many ways to instruct students with the new iPads. The use of this technology should help students transition more easily to the technology they will see in clinicals and the workplace.”

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