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OCC Collision Repair Purchases New Mixing Tints with Foundation Funds

Mixing Tint PhotoStudents in Olney Central College’s Collision Repair Program have access to a new set of mixing tints purchased with funds from the OCC Foundation.

“With the Foundation’s assistance, we were able to replace all 24 of the tints on the mixing bank,” said Instructor Lonnie Barnes. “Many were older and some had dried out because we don’t use the tints as quickly as a regular shop would.”

To perfectly match a vehicle’s paint, students enter the code from the vehicle into a computer, which then prints out the formula, specifying the exact amount of each tint. Students may need 10 to 12 different tints to create a single color.

“You may only use two or three grams of a single tint, but if it is left out, the paint won’t be exact and the color won’t match,” Barnes said.

Having access to the tints is essential for students as they learn how to fully restore a vehicle to its original condition.

“If we didn’t have the new tints, we would have to purchase colors already mixed from a local shop and the students would miss out on the opportunity to learn this important step,” Barnes said. “The tints are very expensive to replace. I greatly appreciate the Foundation providing the funds for the new tints. It is something I couldn’t have done on my own budget.”

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