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Teresa Baker Joins OCC as Food Service Manager

Teresa Baker PhotoTeresa Baker is bringing her love for cooking to Olney Central College as the new Food Service Manager.

“I’m looking forward to getting to interact with the students once I get settled in,” said Baker, who joined OCC late last month. “I really want to get to know them so they feel comfortable asking for things. I’m also going to be looking for ideas from them.”

Baker is already changing the menu lineup, incorporating a new daily salad bar, which features fresh lettuce and spinach along with bacon, eggs, cheese and other favorites. The new lunch option is just $5 or $6.50 with the daily soup special.

“I’m really excited about the salad bar,” Baker said. “I know we have vegans on campus and I want to make more items available to them.”

Baker also plans to enhance OCC’s daily hot bar.

“I want to add some more home-style items like the beef stroganoff and fried chicken,” she said. “I also want to add more homemade desserts to our menu.”

Baker entered the food service industry in 2014. She worked at The Holiday in Olney and managed a local coffee house for three years.

“I like creating and food service allows me to do that,” she said. “Everyone at OCC has been super nice and very friendly. The job is ideal for me. The hours work well with my family. I also like to cater and have lots of experience and I am looking forward to doing that here.”

Baker also is happy to rejoin former co-worker Sarah Kocher, who encouraged Baker to apply for the manager’s position.

“We always worked so well together,” Baker said. “I’m really excited about the position. It gives me the opportunity to have a career and not just a job.”

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