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Sutton Dunn Elected to Serve as IECC Student Trustee

Sutton Dunn PhotoOlney Central College student Sutton Dunn, of Olney, has been elected to serve as the new student representative to the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges Board of Trustees. He will be seated during the April meeting.

Dunn is a 2019 graduate of Richland County High School where he played basketball, football and track. He was a member of the high school Boys O Club, Science Club and Spanish Club.

“I’m really excited to do this,” Dunn said. “My whole life I have tried to be a part of something bigger than myself like participating in sports, the Richland County High School CEO Program and Student Leadership Council. I’m looking forward to learning more about the IECC District and I think having a voice on the board is a pretty neat thing. This is a great opportunity for me. I will be making connections with important people that can help me in the future.”

Dunn says he chose to attend OCC because it was affordable and close to home.

“OCC offers the opportunity to get a good education without having to pay a lot of money to come here. Because it’s close, I also can live at home and save on room and board. I really like the professors too. I feel like they care about you and you get more one-on-one interaction than you would at a larger university.”

After completing his studies at OCC, Dunn plans to transfer to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville where he will pursue a degree in exercise science as he prepares for a career as a physical therapist.

Dunn is the son of Martin and Melissa Dunn. His sisters, Sydney and Maci, also attended OCC.

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