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Berlande Millus Joins OCC Theatre for Spring Production of 'Sister Act'

Berlande Millus PhotoThe Olney Central College Theatre Department is thrilled to announce that Berlande Millus will be joining our community/college cast this year and playing the part of Deloris Van Cartier in the OCC production of Sister Act, sponsored by Trustbank, this spring.

Millus is from New York City and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts/Performance from State University of New York at New Paltz and has many years of training in voice and dance. She is currently on the International (Broadway) Tour of SISTER ACT (in Asia) where she is the understudy for Deloris, plays Tina and is in the ensemble. Her credits also include parts in several regional theater shows. Just a few years ago, Millus was in a community theatre production of The Sound of Music as Maria in New York.

OCC Producer Jon Wright said, “Berlande will be a great fit for our theatre. That was our biggest concern. We did not want a diva. She is so sweet and outgoing. She is just a delight to talk to. Our cast and our community are going to fall in love with Berlande and we are confident she will feel the same way about us.”

The search for “our Deloris” began a few months ago. Amazingly, the response was incredible. After looking at approximately 45 applicants, they narrowed the list to three. From there, it became obvious who they wanted on the Ruth Henry Stage. Millus will be arriving in Olney on Feb. 5 to begin rehearsals. At the conclusion of the OCC production, her contract has been extended to rejoin the SISTER ACT International Tour in Asia. Although she is a “big city girl,” Millus is looking forward to a little slower pace.

Millus said, “I feel like I will be able to learn from the experience in Olney and I hope they will be able to learn from me as well.”

While a treat for the audience, Director Sherry Brauer said this is a great educational opportunity for the cast and crew.

“We will have the chance to rehearse and perform with a professional actor, especially one that is so familiar with SISTER ACT and the role of Deloris. Tapping into Berlande’s experience will help us improve in all aspects of theater at Olney Central College for the future.”

Wright concluded, “This is not something we will be doing often, if again, in the future. We were looking for a unique educational opportunity and this show, with Berlande in it, is perfect. She truly is the real deal and we cannot wait for audiences to be thrilled with her performance.”

Mark your calendars for a chance to audition and be in a musical with someone with professional theater experience. Auditions for the show will be held at 2 p.m. Dec. 17 and 7 p.m. Dec. 18 in the OCC Theatre. There will be roles for nine women, seven men, extra nuns and ensemble parts. Dialogue cuts are available for those who want to audition at Actors should also be prepared to sing 16 bars from a Broadway song with sheet music for the accompanist.

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