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8-week Hybrid Math Classes Start March 11

Need to meet a math requirement to graduate this spring? Did you change your major and find you need to take College Algebra this semester? It’s not too late take MTH 1103 Liberal Arts Math or MTH 1102 College Algebra at Olney Central College.

Both courses will be offered in a hybrid format beginning March 11. Students should consult their advisors to make sure they have met the prerequisites for either course. The hybrid format means that most of the homework and the exams for the courses will be online, while instruction will take place face to face.

Liberal Arts Math is being offered from 8 to 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday and College Algebra is being offered from 10 to 10:50 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students who need calculus for their major could complete College Algebra this spring, take Trigonometry this summer and be ready for Calculus I in the fall. These two courses are being piloted together with an 8-week PRE 0420 Intermediate Algebra course.

As part of a statewide mandate to reduce remediation time in mathematics courses, OCC has changed when and how it is offering remedial and college math courses. Last year, instructors piloted an 8-week hybrid course in REM 0422 Math Literacy, followed by an 8-week hybrid course in Liberal Arts Math. Students can complete the courses in one semester and meet their math requirement for graduation.

Regular 16-week courses are still an option for students who don’t wish to move so quickly as are online courses. Instructors are planning to continue to offer courses in the 8-week format to assist students who wish to complete these courses in one semester.

Students should contact their advisor or the instructors for the courses, Tammie Bohnhoff at or Lisa Benson at for more information.

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