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Lady Knights' Locker Room Gets a Makeover

Locker Room PhotoThe Olney Central College Lady Knights have a revamped locker room.

Women’s Basketball Coach Clint Burris spent about two months updating the facility with the help of his father, Larry. The work included demolition of a former uniform storage area and the removal of existing cement slabs.

“We had been talking about doing this for a year or two now and creating a space where our players could come in and spend time between classes,” Burris said. “For recruiting and our players on campus, this is going to be an awesome area for them to be able to utilize and spend some time.”

The upgrades give the facility a more open feel while making way for the installation of modern technology and other accommodations that will better meet the team’s needs.

With a smart TV, computer and printer, Burris said the room provides a great location for conducting scouting reports or watching game films. The space even offers homey touches for the players, like comfy beanbag chairs.

Multi-plug electrical outlets were added so players can charge their electronic devices during practices and games. New stools also have been ordered and custom-built, solid red oak lockers will be added later this fall.

“With recruiting, it is going to be a huge advantage for us to be able to have a facility like this, especially once we get the new lockers built,” Burris added. “The players will have their own personal space like most colleges do. We are excited to bring in recruits and show them what we have.”

Burris said the project has received overwhelming support.

“Everything has been donated by people in the community, former players and parents,” Burris said. “It has been awesome for us because it hasn’t cost us a ton out of our budget. Once we reveal what we have been doing, we are going to put a sign up to acknowledge all of the people who have donated to make this happen.”

He added, “I would like to thank OCC President Rodney Ranes for letting us do this project, along with maintenance’s Clay Atkins and Tina Evans for helping us with planning and clean up. I also need to thank my dad and mom, who helped me do this, and my wife, Michelle, for coming in and doing some cleaning. It took a lot of people to get this project done, as well as our donors. It took all of their help to make this place something our girls can be proud of.”

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