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Start HVAC Classes This Summer and Complete Your Certificate by December

HVAC PhotoGain the skills needed to enter the growing and lucrative HVAC field by enrolling in Olney Central College’s certificate program. Start classes in June and you can graduate in December.

OCC’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning courses cover the installation of new systems and repair to existing HVAC systems for residential and small business purposes. Students study everything from control circuits and refrigerant cycles to furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. Classes are offered in a hybrid format, reducing the time students are required to be in the classroom.

“The hybrid classes make it easier for those who want to take the classes, but have time constraints,” Instructor Logan Marshall said. “The students will be able to go through instructional videos and tutorials at their own leisure.”

The face-to-face meetings will then be devoted to instruction on further technical points and to the hands-on lab experience.

Students who successfully complete the two-semester Industrial Maintenance HVAC I Program will be qualified to find jobs as entry-level HVAC technicians.

For more information about the certificate or to register, call 618-395-7777. Summer semester classes begin Tuesday, June 5.

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