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OCC Fall 2018 Honors List

OCC LogoOutstanding students at Olney Central College have been named to the Chief Executive Officer’s, President’s and Dean’s Lists for Fall Semester 2018.

Students named to the Chief Executive Officer’s List have attained a grade point average of 3.90 or higher, on a 4.0 scale. Those on the President’s List have achieved a grade point average between 3.75 and 3.89, while those students named to the Dean’s List have earned a grade point average between 3.50 and 3.74.

Chief Executive Officer’s List:

Albion: Colton Speir

Allendale: William Dardeen

Casey: Mackenzie Morgan

Charleston: Allyson O’Dell

Cisne: Rebeccah Mugrage and Samantha Robertson

Calhoun: Adam Brewer and Tyler McKinney

Dundas: Victoria Kittle and Abigail Roark

Ellery: Tara Thompson

Fairfield: Sarah Davis,Regina Dunn,Ally Harl and Carver Thomason

Flora: James Corry and Abigail Etchison

Ingraham: Lucas Rauch

Lawrenceville: Shannon Brumley and Michael Reidy

Louisville: Barbara Pritchard

Marshall: Kayla Bullock

Montrose: Michael Evans

Mt. Carmel: Teresa Howell

Mt. Erie: George Gill

Newton: Cynthia Griffith, Amanda Houser, Wesley Phillips, Emma Rudolphi, Mary Jane Worthey and Sydney Zumbahlen

Noble: Kacie Crawford and Cody Runyon

Olney: Payton Angle, Dallas Atwood, Madison Berger, Madilyn Brinkley, Serim Cho, Corinne Decker, Celine El-Kallab, Martin Holman, Audrey Jensen, Megan Mantello, Madison McCorvey, Hannah Morgan, Taylor Novak, Alexys Page, Kayla Page, So Hyun Park, Amber Penk, Nicole Shan, Shelby St. Pierre, Kortney Vincent, Molly Walker, Donald Watson and Madison Zuber

Palestine: Lauralee Boyd

Rinard: Colin Waller

Robinson: Amanda Shafer, Ira Thompson and Matthew Townley

Sailor Springs: Noah Norris

Sumner: Jesse Neikirk, Mykayla Schilt and Chad Scott

West Salem: Neda Greathouse

Willow Hill: Tyler Musgrave

Yale: Renee Sparling

Evansville, Ind.: Kendall Falkenstein

Francisco, Ind.: Kenzie Tooley

Lanesville, Ind.: Jonathan Cato

Newburgh, Ind.: Alyssa Murphy

New Harmony, Ind.: Kimberlyn Weaver

Oakland City, Ind.: Sydney Day

Sellersburg, Ind.: Haley Baxter

Columbia, Mo.: Andrew Paten

Knoxville, Tenn.: Isaiah Sulack


President’s List:

Cisne: Lauren Hughes

Claremont: Marcus Painter and Eli Sager

Louisville: Charles Maxham and Clare Workman

Newton: Keirsten Brewer, Christy Lame, Makenna Ochs, Madelaine Rosenthal and Brock Schafer

Noble: Dalton Utley

Olney: Issac Crabtree, Megan Garner, Kathryn Hostetter, Thomas Hughes, Kelsea Jellison, Jocelyn Jurasik, Richard Marrero, Eduardo Mayorga, Coen McDowell, Ji Soo Park, Kara Rudolphi, Brittany Umfleet and Izabella Wells

Robinson: Jesse Boyd

Sumner: Margaret CasperandJacob Emmons

West Salem: Dugan McVaigh

West Union: Tricia Gower

Greencastle, Ind.: Nailah Ray

Greenwood, Ind.: Joseph Drury

Paris Crossing, Ind.: Amanda Bonesteel

Clearwater, Fla.: Tyler Witz


Dean’s List:

Albion: Ty Haggard, Abigail Moore and Jennifer Pittman

Bone Gap: Grace Thomason

Cisne: Ruth Simmons and Harrison Walker

Dennison: Abbigail Lee

Dundas: Kallie Bollman

Farina: Trevor Markley

Flora: Ryan Anderson, Kelsi Brown, Jasmine Clark, Emily Cox and Darah Gill

Hidalgo: Nate Snyder

Lawrenceville: Jared Walker

Louisville: Namon Carruthers, Katie Conley and Brandon Weber

Mt. Carmel: Nicholas Hill

Newton: Michaela Baker and Mariah Earnest

Noble: Cheyla Lamb, Joshua Moats and Kylie Ping

Oblong: Trimeka Madison

Olney: Luke Boley, Taylor Brashear, Gabrielle Bromm, Tracy Chastain, Amy Mitchell, Taylor Ochs, Jenicee Sloan, Nicole Souder, Stephanie Sturm, Victoria Sturm, Eric Szudy, Madeline Toliver and Ashley Tracy

Rinard: Cheyenne Speagle

Sumner: Anna Miller, Lora Vaughn and Caitlynne Wilson

West Salem: Seth Farley and Mary Rickey

Willow Hill: Trenton Duncan, Christopher McClain and Victoria Yager

Bloomington, Ind.: Cooper Bybee

Evansville, Ind.: Kyla Reid

Henryville, Ind.: Nicholas Walker

Indianapolis, Ind.: Chase Hug

Marion, Ind.: Nolan Young

Glasgow, Ky.: Arron Coomer

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