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OCC Program Gets New Criminal Investigation Equipment

Equipment PHotoStudents in Olney Central College’s Administration of Justice Program will gain hands-on experience utilizing new criminal investigation equipment. 

The OCC Foundation recently provided $1,000 to purchase a new digital camera and several essential crime scene kits for the program. The new equipment will enable Instructors Chad Pusey and Mike Swick to simulate burglary, homicide and other crime scenes for students in OCC’s criminal investigation classes.

Using the crime scene kits, students will be able to collect fingerprints and hair samples and even evaluate blood-stain patterns. They also will gain experience in properly photographing evidence. The students even have crime scene tape to cordon off the area.

“Hands-on is the best way to learn law enforcement,” Pusey said. “With this equipment, we can actually teach and show the students here how things should be done. It really gives our students a better perspective as they go into the field.”

Pusey hopes to add more equipment in the future to better the program and enhance student learning.

“We want to thank the OCC Foundation for its support and we hope it will continue,” Pusey said. “Without them, we would not be able to make this equipment available to our students.”

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