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Online Learning FAQ

Check below for commonly asked questions. If you don't find an answer, please send us your question(s) and contact information and we'll respond with the answer.
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Do online classes require a visit to the college?

Online courses at IECC are 100% online. In most cases you will be able to complete all registration, acquire books, and access support and other services online. Our online courses do NOT require visits to the college. There may be some instances where an instructor requires a proctored exam at a location in your area. Online Hybrid courses are courses that are partially online and do require a visit to the applicable college.

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What are the computer requirements to take a course online?

View System Requirements

What level of support can I expect when taking an online course?
Support for a wide variety of services is available to online students including:
Technical Help Desk Online & Phone
Student Support Phone
Libraries Online
Bookstores Online & Phone
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Is online learning for everyone?
No, it takes a lot of self-discipline and commitment with online learning. We have an online course, CIS 1104 Intro Learning Services Online, that anyone can take for free. The course is worth .5 credit hours and takes you through many aspects of online learning. This course will help you decide if online learning is right for you. CIS 1104 is offered frequently and can be taken before online courses start.
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Do students get the same information / content in an online course that another student would get in the same class on-campus?
In many cases yes, the education you receive from an online class is the same; however, due to the nature of online learning you may experience the course in a different format. This format best transmits the learning experience through online media. Most online courses also require a textbook, which is the same as those used in a face-to-face class experience.
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How do I access a course?
IECC uses a portal called Entrata for which you'll receive a userid and password. Once you are logged on and your account created, you will be able to access your course listing.  
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I forgot my password. What do I do?
Contact the IECC Help Desk. (The Help Desk link is also available at the top of each webpage.)
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How do I get my textbooks?
Online books are available from our four online bookstores, or you can visit any one of the colleges to acquire the books. How to contact the bookstores or online stores.
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Can I get financial aid for online courses?
Yes, financial aid will cover online course tuition.  For more information, contact Financial Aid at your college of choice.


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