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Foundation Purchases Laser Keyboard and Apple TV in Honor of Mitchell

Foundation photo

Olney Central College instructor Amie Mayhall has access to a Bluetooth laser keyboard and Apple TV in her classroom thanks to the OCC Foundation.

The Foundation donated funding for the equipment in honor of Deborah Mitchell, who was a member of its Executive Board for 12 years before leaving in July 2015.

“The Foundation is very appreciative of her service,” said OCC Foundation President Bartley Zuber. “I would like to thank Deborah Mitchell for her many years of service to the board. Deb served as president of the board from 2007 to 2013 and also stayed on to help me transition into the role. Deb always either knew the answer or knew where to find the answer to any question any board member had.”

Mayhall said the laser keyboard can be paired with the classroom ipad for demonstrations and other activities while apps from the ipad can be displayed on the Apple TV. With their ability to communicate, the ipad and Apple TV also can be used to stream channels and view YouTube videos.

Mayhall said the equipment has been extremely helpful for the medical coding and medical terminology classes. Using a visible body app, students can see different internal systems and even view the 3D images from various angles.

“We are so grateful to the Foundation for making such cool tools available to demonstrate to our students,” Mayhall said. “They put us on the cutting edge.”

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