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OCC Foundation Provides Nitrogen Plastic Welder for Collision Repair

Collision Repair Welder PhotoOlney Central College’s Collision Repair Program purchased a new nitrogen plastic welder with funds provided by the OCC Foundation.

Instructor Mark Fitch said the equipment is a standard tool of the industry and essential for students working on newer-model cars and trucks.

“With today’s vehicles, you really need the nitrogen plastic welder,” Fitch said. “It is better for putting pieces back together. You don’t have to worry about burning the plastic, as you would with other welders and you get a stronger weld.”

Having access to the welder also will enable students to hone their skills on the equipment before they enter the workforce.

“We appreciate everything the OCC Foundation does for us,” Fitch said. “They are a big help in getting the larger and more expensive equipment we need. We wouldn’t have been able to get this without their help.”

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