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OCC Music Department Benefits from Purchase of Chimes

Cimes PhotoThe rich and melodious sounds of concert chimes can now be heard during OCC Music Department performances.

The OCC Foundation provided funding for the percussion section’s latest addition, which was featured prominently during last season’s fall and spring concerts.

The chimes produce a sound similar to church bells and are very versatile. They can give a musical piece either a beautiful and light airy feel or they can invoke dark and foreboding qualities for the listener.

“Not having them available has limited our literature for ensemble band,” said Suzanne Fassett, OCC Director of Bands. “The chimes are not only a benefit to our percussionists, but our entire band. They have opened up pieces we couldn’t play before.”

She added, “We are very thankful for the Foundation’s assistance in enriching the educational and artistical experience of our students.”

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