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Chemistry Students Benefit from New Equipment

Chemistry PHotoStudents in Olney Central College’s chemistry lab now have access to 12 hand-held LabQuest 2 data-collection devices.

The OCC Foundation provided funding for the equipment, which will benefit transfer students in the college’s general chemistry classes. The purchase replaces OCC’s older chemistry equipment and puts the lab on par with, and in some instances above, other institutions.

The new devices have a touch screen and probes that can be attached, allowing students to measure temperature, pH, electrical current and even the pressure of gasses and light absorption. The LabQuest 2’s research quality measurements are then automatically graphed and displayed.

“It greatly enhances the labs,” said OCC instructor Dr. Aaron Lineberry. “Students need to learn how to use modern equipment and this gives our students access to what they will use at a four-year school.”

The equipment also will enable Lineberry to offer more sophisticated labs, giving students in engineering and the pre-professional programs experience working with chemical tools. Students will begin utilizing the devices later this semester.

“We greatly appreciate the support of the Foundation,” Lineberry said. “It is an amazing resource to have to build OCC’s programs and keep modern, which is very important.”


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