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About the OCC Foundation


OCC Foundation Photo 

The Olney Central College Foundation funds faculty and staff professional development, high-tech equipment to support transfer and technical degree and certificate programs, textbooks for the Single Parent Program, eyeglasses and other support materials for the GED program, textbooks and other support for student athletes, and a multitude of academic scholarships to support OCC's instructional programs. OCC President Rodney Ranes noted, "As a student, I attended OCC on a Foundation Award. That award made a significant impact in my life by helping provide resources so I could enroll at OCC. The OCC Foundation continues to have an impact on numerous students and plays a vital part in moving our college community forward."     

OCC Foundation Executive Board
Bartley Zuber — President
Bruce Peters — Vice President
Misty Melton — Secretary/Treasurer
Jason Doris
Morgan Fehrenbacher
Brenda Glover
Carrie Hallam
Andy Hires
Gary Houchin
Walter Koertge
Tara Lemke
Kate Patterson
Jan Ridgely
Chelsea Rude
Lynsie Weiler
OCC Foundation Founding Board
Mr. Raleigh Baker, Sumner
Mr. Jack Bauman, Newton
Mrs. Robert Blackburn, Olney - Secretary
Mr. Frank Bower, Olney
Mr. Dean Bunting, Albion
Mr. Jack Burke, Louisville
Mr. Robert Doan, Noble
Mr. Charles French, Barnhill
Mr. Eugene Karcher, Sumner
Mrs. Art Kurtz, Olney
Mr. Fred McCollum, Flora
Mr. Preston Matthews, Fairfield
Mr. Myrl Michels, Calhoun
Mr. Earl Mullinax, West Salem
Dr. James Pass, Olney - President
Mr. Darwin Porterfield, Mt. Erie
Mr. James Redman, Olney
Mr. Al Rohr, Newton - Vice President
Mr. Bob Rucker, Bridgeport
Mr. Francis Wagner, West Liberty
Mr. Ernest Witsman, Olney
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