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About the District : IECC 529

GradsWelcome to Illinois Eastern Community Colleges and the District's four colleges of Frontier Community College, Lincoln Trail College, Olney Central College, and Wabash Valley College. IECC is here to help you make career choices that will guide you through the 21st century—whether you're a recent high school graduate or an older adult seeking a new career.

IECC offers a broad range of degree and certificate programs that can help you achieve your career goals, or you can simply take a course or two to improve your skills or explore new interests.

As one option, you can begin preparing for a career by completing an associate degree in a transfer program at IECC, then continuing at a senior institution to complete a bachelor's degree. This choice generally requires about four years of study for a full-time student—two years at IECC and two years at the senior institution. IECC's General Education Core Curriculum makes the transfer process to Illinois colleges and universities simple and reliable. IECC also has articulated agreements and dual admission programs with specific Indiana universities.

As another option, you can enter a career after just two years of study or less by enrolling in one of IECC's technical programs. Associate degree programs require two years of course work, and certificate programs generally require a year of study or less.

Programs are divided into career categories for both transfer and technical programs. Choose the category and program that match your career interests, then schedule an appointment with an advisor at one of the four colleges to select the courses you will need. Classes are taught traditionally and online to meet student needs.

If you are undecided about your career choice, staff advisors at any of the colleges can help you make that decision. The advisors will help you explore your career interests and aptitudes with either a "paper and pencil" assessment or a computerized program such as Career Finder or Horizons.

Whether you're a "decided" or "undecided" student, we suggest that you schedule an appointment with an advisor as early as possible. The fall semester begins in late August, the spring semester begins in early January, and the summer session begins early in June. Intersession classes are offered between spring and summer semesters.

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