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LTC Education Pays Off

Robinson, Ill.  --  Getting your education from Lincoln Trail College can pay off. A new study released by the Illinois Community College Board finds that an Illinois community college education increases earnings for workers, even during a recession.

The study found that the return on investment for Illinois community college graduates amounts to $570,000 over a lifetime. The average annual rate of return is 14.2%. Taking classes can increase a student’s earnings 25.3% over pre-enrollment wages.

“Graduating from Lincoln Trail College can really pay off,” said Lincoln Trail College President Kathryn Harris. “The numbers don’t lie. Investing in your education can give you better returns on your investment than the stock market or home ownership.”

The study found that nearly 9 out of 10 Illinois community college graduates remain in Illinois after completing college.

“Attending Lincoln Trail College can give you the skills you need to be competitive in the workforce,” said Harris. “We’re able to respond to the needs of our local businesses and industries and provide our students will the skills they need to find good jobs.

Lincoln Trail College has been honored for its success with students. CNN Money named LTC the top public two-year college in Illinois for student success. The school has also been honored by the Aspen Institute twice as one of the top 120 community colleges in the nation for completion rates and workforce outcomes.

“It’s easy to see why we say ‘let the Trail be your path to success,’” said Harris.

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