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LTC Focusing on Campus Safety

Lincoln Trail College is strengthening its safety plans in two ways this fall.

The college installed a new emergency alert system over the summer. The alert system will allow the college to broadcast emergency alert messages throughout its buildings and around campus. The system also allows the college to broadcast the messages to only specific buildings or areas.

LTC faculty and staff are undergoing ALICE Training. ALICE is enhanced lockdown training and gives people different options in the event of a violent situation. LTC Coordinator of Marketing and Public Information Chris Forde attended an ALICE Training Seminar with Robinson Police Officer Chad Weaver. The two are working with faculty and staff to implement the five principles of ALICE: alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

“The safety of our students and our faculty and staff is paramount,” says LTC President Kathy Harris. “We hope we’ll never have to use any of this beyond just training, but it is very important for us to be prepared. We can’t just sit back and say it won’t happen to us because we live in a small community.”

Other areas of the college are also working on safety. A Campus Emergency Response Team meets regularly and participates in its own drills so it can be prepared. Rooms were also spot checked over the summer to make sure they had easy to find quick reference guides for the campus emergency plan. Faculty and staff have also been reminded where they can find the full plan. Administration has been working with local law enforcement to make sure that emergency plan is up to date and aligns with how emergency responders would handle an incident on campus.

“Preparation is the key,” says Harris. “That’s why we’re putting such an emphasis on training and preparation. We want to make sure that our faculty and staff are ready in the event something were to happen on campus.”

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