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LTC Students Learn With Robots

Students in an English course at Lincoln Trail College are using robots to enhance their education.

The students are enrolled in the Technical Reading, Writing and Reporting class taught by Lisa Maple. The course is a part of LTC’s Process Technology program. Each year, students construct robots from the Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics kit.

“The students learn to improve their writing skills through the hands-on work of putting together robots,” says Maple. “The hands-on work for a technical writing class is very important because it helps the students translate what they physically do in putting together the robots and their troubleshooting into a written report.”

The Technical Reading, Writing and Reporting Class (PTT 1205) teaches students the basic principles of reading and writing technical documents and reports in industry settings. Students receive training and practice in the preparation, writing and revision of technical reports. They also develop skill in the comprehension of industry documentation like reports, procedural plans and blueprints.

Maple says the preparations for the robot battle help give the students the real world skills they’ll need for their careers. “They are learning skills that employers are looking for. It’s teamwork, it’s troubleshooting, it’s thinking on your feet, and it’s also a creative environment for the students.”

The annual Bot Battle took place March 30 at the Lincoln Trail College Sports Center.

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