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LTC Grad Financial Advisor Kyle Dishong

Kyle Dishong
Kyle Dishong -- Financial Advisor

 As a financial advisor for Prairie Rivers Company in Robinson, Ill., Kyle Dishong knows a thing or two about investing in the
 future. So it comes as no surprise when faced with choosing a college, the Lawrenceville High School graduate would choose
 one that would be the best value.
 “I chose Lincoln Trail College because of the price, location, and  the reputation of success of LTC alumni,” Dishong said.

LTC Activities
The business transfer student made the most of his time at LTC,  participating in Campus Life and intramural basketball. He was  also selected a Peer Counselor and was named to the Illinois All-State Academic Team. His experiences in and out of the classroom made his transition to the University of Illinois (Urbana/Champaign) a smooth process.

“I wanted to transfer to the University of Illinois and, despite popular belief, transfer students in Illinois actually outperform their counterparts that attend four-year universities directly out of high school,” he said. “LTC prepared me for everything the University of Illinois threw at me.”

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