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International Students traveling the United States!

Organized trips are planned throughout the year, providing an opportunity to explore local communities, see the sites of U.S. cities, enjoy theme parks, and more.  

                                                                              Universal Studios in Florida                               


                                                                           State Street in Chicago, Illinois


                                                                         Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana


 International Students visiting local schools.

  While attending IECC, many of the International Program students take the opportunity to teach local             schoolchildren about their countries, customs, and cultures.

students teach classtraditional dress


 International Students enjoying college sports.

  Athletic events are an important part of the school year's social activity and the IECC campuses boast some of the finest   NJCAA  teams in the nation.

student games


             Wabash Valley Warriors                    Olney Central Blue Knights                   Lincoln Trail Lady Statesmen 


 International students making memories and friendships that last a  lifetime! 








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