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Financial Planning & Budgeting

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges is committed to the effective and efficient stewardship of resources and continues to be one of the most financially efficient community college districts in the State of Illinois.  Financial planning for current and future operations provide for sound educational programs and the prudent use of public funds. Illinois Eastern Community Colleges’ resource base supports its current educational programs and its plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future.

In a climate marked with economic pressures, shifting demographics, and a growing need for technological advancements, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges has managed to hold its charges well below the state average.  Illinois Eastern Community Colleges continues to be one of the most affordable community colleges in the state as evidence from a low tuition and fee rate, a low per capita cost and low energy rates.  Currently, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges reports the lowest tuition and fee rate in, while maintaining the its high standards for academic quality and performance.

Low Tuition & Student Fee Rates 

Low Per Capita Costs

Low Energy Costs


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