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            The Spirit of Life Foundation, a federally recognized 501c.3 non-profit entity, makes awards to institutions of higher learning to support Wayne County college students at FCC and other institutions of higher learning who wish to undertake educational programs away from their home campus. The foundation makes awards of $3000 per student directly to qualified institutions such as Frontier Community College (FCC) for support of a specific educational program proposed by the student.

            These scholarships are known as the Spirit of Life Foundation Scholarships.  FCC is responsible for reviewing proposals, making a selection, distributing the funds to the student, and ensuring that the student completes a report at the end of the program experience.

            Students are now able to apply for the Spirit of Life Scholarship for the 2018 year.

            Dr. Tom Lloyd, Founder of the Spirit of Life Foundation, has provided scholarship support for Wayne County students since 2001.  Tom grew up in Fairfield in the 1950s, living first at 810 W. Delaware and later at 611 N. First St.  His father, Burr H. Lloyd, operated the Lloyd Insurance Service.  The business was established in 1896 by John Jackson Lloyd, Tom’s grandfather, who had also been a school teacher and mayor of Fairfield.  Tom had paper routes, was a Boy Scout camp counselor, and worked as a lifeguard at the Fairfield swimming pool.

            Following his graduation from Fairfield Community High School, Tom attended Antioch College, whose work-study program convinced him to pursue a career in science.  Tom spent his junior year at the University College of North Wales, and the experience made him appreciate the value of working and studying in a different country and culture.  It also helped him get accepted to Harvard University, where he earned his Ph.D. in biochemical pharmacology. 

           After completing postdoctoral work at the National Institute of Mental Health, he was recruited to the Penn State College of Medicine in 1975.  He has worked at Penn State for the past 42 years and has also established a Penn State scholarship for medical students to study abroad.  Dr. Lloyd believes that it is important to give back to the places that helped him.  His current work focuses on the development of active learning programs for clinicians and scientists who wish to conduct clinical and translational science research.  You can find Dr. Tom Lloyd’s Penn State Profile at:

Dr. Tom Lloyd, Founder of the Spirit of Life Foundation.

Fairfield Native Learns in Germany with Scholarship

            The most recent recipient of the Spirit of Life Scholarship is Fairfield native Clayton Hoskins, who received the scholarship in 2015.  After taking a beginner’s German course at his alma mater The Citadel (Charleston, SC), his professors recommended him to apply for an international trip to Germany.  With the help of this scholarship, Hoskins spent two months immersing himself in the German culture and language.  After completing a two-week intensive language course, he spent six weeks in an educational course by job shadowing a teacher at a school for German children.  Hoskins had the opportunity to enhance his German while simultaneously teaching the children basic English.  This trip of a lifetime for Hoskins not only developed his German skills, but also gave him a broader understanding of political science, which he studied while at The Citadel.

            “I am extremely grateful to Dr. Lloyd and the Spirit of Life Foundation,” stated Hoskins.  “It gave me the unique opportunity to travel abroad and truly study the language and culture of Germany firsthand.”

Scholarship Requirements

           To be eligible for the Spirit of Life Scholarship, an applicant must be between the ages of 18-24 and must be a current or former Wayne County resident who is currently enrolled in a recognized program of higher education. 

            For the scholarship to be awarded, the applicant must plan to enroll in an international or domestic short-term educational program for which support is not readily available.  The program should not be an independent study or mentorship program, but an established educational program.  The educational experience must be completed by September 1, 2018, and the student will complete a report of his or her educational experience not later than November 1, 2018.


            The application is currently available online at completed application and materials must be submitted no later than March 1, 2018 to:  Lori Noe, Coordinator of Financial Aid, Frontier Community College, 2 Frontier Drive, Fairfield, IL  62837.  Individuals may also email materials to or fax to (618) 842-4425.  For additional information regarding the scholarship, contact Lori Noe at (618) 842-3711 or by email.

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