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FCC Has Over 300 at Solar Eclipse Safe Viewing Event


Over 300 sky gazers attended the Solar Eclipse Safe Viewing Event on August 21 at Frontier Community College.

Fairfield experienced 98% coverage of the total eclipse this year, but will be in the line of totality for the solar eclipse of 2024. A bigger event is expected at the college for the next event!

People of all ages came out to enjoy the eclipse, with over 150 pairs of eclipse glasses being distributed to those in attendance. Those in attendance also used colanders, home-made gadgets, and pegboards for indirect viewing of the eclipse.

Some traveled from several miles away to attend the event at Frontier, including a group from Brockton, Illinois which is 120 miles north of Fairfield, a group from northern Indiana, as well as a family from Chicago.

Ice water and popsicles were enjoyed by many during the hot day.

When asked if the eclipse was as exciting as she thought it would be, one young aspiring astronomer from Chicago stated, “No…it was better!”

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