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FCC Students Electing Next IECC Student Trustee

          Students of Frontier Community College will be electing the next IECC Student Trustee to serve for the April 2018 - March 2019 term. Students can electronically vote through their Entrata account until December 7, and a winner will be announced December 11. Two FCC students are running for this position and hope to positively represent their school: Christy Davenport and Haylee Neuman.  To vote electronically (you must be an FCC student), follow the link below: 

          A Meet the Candidates event, sponsored by Student Senate, was held on November 27 so that students had a chance to learn more about the candidates. Pictured below are: Jan Wiles, Assistant Dean of Student Services; Christy Davenport; Haylee Neuman; and Sarah Rush, Student Senate Club Advisor.


Christy Davenport

          Christy Davenport is a first-year Health Informatics student at FCC. She hopes to become the next IECC Student Trustee so she can gain more experience and leadership skills. After graduation, Christy plans on working at a local hospital and using her Medical Receptionist Certificate. Eventually, she would like to transfer to Southern Illinois University - Carbondale to pursue an online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management. Christy resides in Geff with her husband and three children. She enjoys spending time with her family and two Yorkies they rescued.

Haylee Neuman

          Haylee Neuman is a first-year student at FCC, graduating from Fairfield Community High School in 2017. She is simultaneously working towards an Associates of Science and Arts and a Construction Technician Certificate. After learning of the open position, Haylee decided she wanted to be the voice of FCC students, and she believes she would make a good representative. Haylee plans to transfer to a university after graduation for an engineering degree. Her career interests include becoming a building engineer and working with bridges and houses.


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