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Ten Students Participate in GED Graduation Ceremony

Pictured, from left to right: Lindsay Koker, Haley Brindos, James Grebe-Heck, Alexzandra Gilbo, James Gollner, Breanna Boles, Bobbie Olmsted, William Jolley, Destiny Snyder, and Xada Slater.

A total of ten students were in attendance to be recognized at the GED graduation ceremony on Frontier Community College’s campus on Tuesday, May 25.  Nearly 100 people were in attendance to celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

After the welcome from Dr. Jay Edgren, President of FCC, Program Director Dena Weber welcomed the guest speaker, Joel Koker.  Koker earned his GED in 2015 and then received an Associate in Science and Arts Degree from FCC in 2018.  He graduated with high honors.  Gary Carter, member of the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges Board of Trustees, provided the charge to the class.

FCC prepares students to earn their GED by offering test preparation courses throughout the area.  Classes are free and meet in eight-week sections in Albion, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Flora, Lawrenceville, and Newton.  Online classes are also available to qualifying students.

While ten students participated in the ceremony, FCC is pleased to report that 33 students overall have earned their GED since last July.

The complete list of GED Graduates for the 2018-2019 academic year are:

Breanna Boles - Fairfield
Annie Bowman - Lawrenceville
Haley Brindos - Flora
Damien Brown - Flora
Chris Callahan - Flora
Dakota Cool - Flora
Christian Eaton - Bridgeport
Alexzandra Gilbo - Fairfield
James Gollner - Fairfield
James Grebe-Heck - Fairfield
Joshua Johnson - Flora
William Jolley - Fairfield
Brea Keyser - Fairfield
Alex Kirby - Flora
Lindsay Koker - Fairfield
Peyton Lewis - Newton
Kyle Lister - Flora
Selena Marti - Flora
Rachel McCormick - Flora
Kendall Medlock - Fairfield
Dalton Musser - Flora
Bobbie Olmsted - Online
Georgia Pauly - Flora
Brandon Risinger - Albion
Xada Slater - Flora
Destiny Snyder - Fairfield
Elizabeth Tewell - Lawrenceville
Xavier Turner - Fairfield
Dayanna Vaughan - Fairfield
Brendan Woitynek - Fairfield

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