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Food Sanitation & Safety Classes Offered at FCC

Frontier Community College (FCC) is offering a Food Sanitation & Safety class for the Fall 2019 semester.  Carrie Dagg will be the instructor.  Anyone in need of state certification for food handling should register for one of the available classes.  Positions requiring this certification may include jobs in a school cafeteria, restaurant, hospital, and catering service.

Interested individuals can call FCC at 618-842-3711 to register for Food Sanitation & Safety.  The cost of the class will be paid at the time of registration, and a tuition discount is available for senior citizens.  The required textbook may be purchased from the FCC bookstore, located inside The Bobcat Den (130 Market Avenue). Students are encouraged to read the textbook prior to class, as an exam for certification will be given at the end of the course.

Mondays, 6-10PM / October 28 & November 4 (CRN 32048)


Monday & Wednesday, 6-10PM; December 2 & 4 (CRN 32294)

Check back soon for future class dates!

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