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Electrical Distribution Systems Students Receive Scholarships for FCC

Five students from Frontier Community College received scholarships to use towards their enrollment in the Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS) Program.  The scholarships presented include the Luke Vaughan Memorial Scholarship, the Earl R. Pottorff Memorial Scholarship, the Steve Rafferty Memorial Scholarship, and the Wayne-White Electric Co-Op Scholarship (in honor of Gerry Kinney). 

Cameron Wingler of Greenup received the Luke Vaughan Memorial Scholarship.

Luke Vaughan began his electrical career as a Journeyman Electrician at Airtex Products. He later cofounded Vaughan Electric, Heating and Air, a local company that is still in operation today. Luke was an honest, hardworking man that took great pride in his work. He enjoyed helping others and meeting new people.

The $250 scholarship was set up by his family to assist the recipient on the path to their electrical career in hopes that they find the same fulfillment it brought Luke Vaughan.

Students Kainen Mays of Albion and Nicholas Cartright of Newton each received $500 for the Earl R. Pottorff Scholarship (Nicholas Cartright was not available for a photo). 

Earl Pottorff was born in Fairfield on December 5, 1928 to Frank and Irene Vaughan Pottorff.  At the age of 5, his family moved to Plainfield, Illinois, where they settled and raised three boys.  As an adult, Earl worked for Commonwealth Edison Company, the largest electric utility in Illinois serving Chicago and Northern Illinois from 1950 to 1987. After 37 years with the company, Earl retired and became an avid RV traveler with his wife Lorraine.  They chose to settle in Fairfield in 1993.  Earl was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and passed away at the age of 83 on November 9, 2012. 

Lorraine Pottorff established the Earl Pottorff Memorial Scholarship in December 2012 as a way to honor her husband and help another young man begin a career in the public utility field.  It is the first donation presented to the FCC Foundation specifically for a Career and Technical program that will last in perpetuity.  The Earl R. Pottorff Memorial Scholarship is presented each year in the amount of $1,000 to a student enrolled in the EDS program. 

Colton Wood of Odin received the Steve Rafferty Memorial Scholarship, a $250 scholarship.

The Steve Rafferty Memorial Scholarship was established in March 2014.  Rafferty served as the Lead Faculty for the Electrical Distribution Systems Program at Frontier Community College from 2008 until his passing in March 2014.  The $250 cash scholarship is designated for eligible EDS students.

Blayne Hancock of Olney was the recipient of the Wayne-White Electric Co-Op Scholarship in honor of Gerry Kinney.  This one-year scholarship covers the recipient’s tuition, fees, and books.

Established in the summer of 2016, the Wayne-White Electric Co-Op Scholarship in honor of Gerry was created for FCC’s EDS students.  The recipient will learn the trade and skills to begin a lineman career, just like Gerry enjoyed for 17 years.

Gerry Kinney was electrocuted by a high voltage power line in July 2015 and consequently lost both hands.  Overcoming great obstacles, Gerry now shares his experience with many people.  When speaking with EDS students, he reinforces the importance of safety in lineman work.  Gerry visited FCC’s campus to present the scholarship to Colton Wood.

Frontier’s Electrical Distribution Systems Program is a one-year certificate that prepares individuals to build, repair, and maintain electrical distribution systems overhead and underground, use safe practices and first aid, and perform pole top rescue. The program is completed over two semesters (fall and spring) with a total of 31 semester credit hours.  For additional information on the Electrical Distribution Systems Program, call Frontier Community College at (618) 842-3711 or 1-877-464-3687. 

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