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American Heart Association Changing CPR & First Aid Fees

           On October 3rd, the American Heart Association (AHA) announced they will be increasing fees for all CPR and first aid classes effective immediately.  This change in fees affects anyone who enrolls in a CPR or first aid class offered through Frontier Community College (FCC).  The cost of a certification card from the AHA previously cost $4 and is now $18.

            FCC offers CPR and first aid classes throughout the area and waives tuition for all students.  Therefore, the cost for the class includes only the price of the certification card, which is set by the AHA.  All students are required to purchase and complete a workbook for the course.  Workbooks can be purchased at the FCC bookstore located inside the Bobcat Den. 

            The cost increases set by the AHA will not affect the CPR and first aid class offerings throughout the area.  Classes will continued to be offered on the FCC campus and site locations organized by local businesses.  CPR and first aid certification is a state-mandated graduation requirement, and FCC offers classes to all 16 high schools in the IECC district.

            For more information call Leslie Scott, AHA Training Center Coordinator, at 842-3711.

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